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Sell your home with Ann Elenbaas - Realtor

So you're looking to say Good Bye...

Selling your home!

Selling and Saying Good Bye to your home. You know your house doesn’t fit your needs anymore and it is time to move on but the thought of selling is overwhelming. I got you!


Selling a home can be very involved and at times, a complex transaction, likely dealing with the largest dollar amounts in your lifetime. Especially in a seller’s market and with all the design shows out there it may be tempting to sell your house by yourself. Insert, me asking you this question-If you were going to court over a case related to $500,000 would you trust yourself to do the best possible job or would you hire a great lawyer?

Hiring me as your realtor gives you the advantage of having a professional to shoulder much of the work and stress of selling, making your experience and financial outcome much better. As a realtor, I am involved in this process weekly and am unphased by what can pop up unexpectantly. Selling a home takes proactivity. I like to say it takes 3 weeks to sell a home in 3 days. Which brings me to my 3 P Plan.

My 3 P Plan...


Ann Elenbaas Prepare Your Home.png

Preparing your home so it shines and appeals to the most buyers currently house hunting. Think organizing, small repairs, editing, staging, and clean. Yes! I have resources don’t sweat it.


Ann Elenbaas Pricing Your Home.png

Pricing your home in a way that hits the mark and promotes multiple offers. The process of pricing your home is a thoughtful practice which relies on data, knowledge of current neighborhood market trends, and condition of your home compared to other properties nearby. Believe it or not there is a psychology involved in deciding on a list price for your home.


Ann Elenbaas Present Your Home.png

Present a mix of modern and old school marketing to show off your home and prepare it for its next steward. Marketing is a vital element to getting your house sold for top dollar. Marketing is everything from professional photography, staging, post cards, open houses, hosting broker open houses, digital, social and in print advertising. Happy to show you examples!

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